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Mona Lisa - Speedball Metal Leaf Sheets - Gold (18 leaves)

Brand: Mona Lisa

Product Code: 081093100303


SPEEDBALL-Mona Lisa Simple Leaf.

Make gorgeous works of art more prominent with beautiful silver, gold or copper leaf either in the art work or on the frame, use on furniture, ceramic, glass, plaster and any other hard surface that adhesive will adhere to (surface does not have to be flat, Simple Leaf works on all surface shapes: rounded, corners and textured. Simply spray, paint or pour your adhesive, lay out the silver leaf, lightly wipe the backing paper with a cloth of brush and when leaf is adhered to the surface, slowly and carefully peel back the backing paper, the effect: leaf only sticks where you placed the adhesive and the remainder stays on the sheet for later use, a brilliant shine and true looking silver, gold or copper effects without the tarnishing.

This package contains enough leaf to cover approximately 3.7 sq.ft. (eighteen 5-1/2x5-1/2 sheets.