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Airfix - Model Kit - Commonwealth CA-13 Boomerang 1:72 (Skill Level 1)

Brand: Airfix

Product Code: 5055286686726



An aircraft which has often been described as 'Australia's panic fighter', the decision to build the indigenous Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation Boomerang came in the wake of continued Japanese aggression in the Pacific and the need to ensure a continuous future supply of new fighters for the RAAF. By using many sections and components from existing aircraft types under construction in Australia, the first Boomerang was produced just sixteen weeks after the original design decision was made and 250 of these diminutive fighters would eventually be produced. Possessing excellent low altitude performance, the Boomerang would often be used to mark targets for ground attack Corsairs during the latter stages of WWII, a role which earned the distinctive little aircraft the nickname 'Smoky Joe'.

Scale 1:72.

Number of Parts: 31

Dimensions (mm): L107 x W152.