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Ciao Bella - My Tiny World - Clear Stamps 6x8 - Hello World

Brand: Ciao Bella

Product Code: 8056201412847


MyTiny World:  There are indelible memories in that little world made up of sweet feelings, tenderness and emotions. Each caress serenely marks time under a rainbow of pastel colours, “My Tiny World” becomes the perfect collection.  The characters, all drawn by hand, inspire tenderness, and fit between texture sheets with versatile colours, delicate hues and elegant details. 

The new Ciao Bella baby collection brings magic of sweet atmospheres and unusual landscapes: magical cards whose subjects will frame your most beautiful memories.

Ciao Bella's high quality clear photopolymer stamps are manufactured using a patented photopolymer and UV light exposure, this way we are able to achieve a higher level of detail. They are also designed to achieve optimum performance ensuring you get the highest quality possible.

  • High Quality Photopolymer Stamps
  • Set dimension 6x8 inches (15cm x 20cm) 
  • Crystal clear and yellowing resistant, high clarity allow easy inking and positioning 
  • Designed to work excellently with premium quality inks and pigments 
  • Optimised thickness 
  • Tear resistant, if stretched they relax back to their original shape 
  • Long lasting 
  • Designed in Italy and Made in UK.