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DecoArt - Media - Ultra Matte Varnish 4 fl oz

Brand: DecoArt

Product Code: 76621807552



Interior/Exterior, Non-yellowing, Waterbased, Dries Clear, Fast Drying.

This unique varnish delivers a durable, ultra-matte finish that has zero sheen.  Use as a topcoat or as ground over acrylic paint.  Also works as a spray fixative to prevent smudging of graphite, pastels and coloured pencils.

Shake well! As topcoat or ground, brush on one or two thin, even, smooth coats, letting dry between coats.  As a fixative - mix 50/50 with water in mister bottle.  Soap and water clean-up.

This package contains one 4oz jar of Ultra Matte Varnish.