Deflecto Storage - Large Container

Brand: Deflecto

Product Code: 79916017297



**This is a request item. That means we will order the product in for you. This can take from 2-3 weeks depending on our ordering cycle. It's possible we may also have some on the shelf, in which case we will send the order on immediately.**<br><br/>Deflecto-Large Caddy Organizer Compartment: Great for on-the go storage of rulers, paint brushes, yarn, fabric, and more&excl; This package contains one 4-3/8 inch x 13 1/4inch x 4-3/16 inch organizer compartment which also fits along one side of the stackable caddy. The containers features a hinged, snap-tight lid which can also be removed for easier-access to supplies. Individual containers can hang on wall with Mounting Bar (sold separately).