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Derwent - Graphik Line Maker - Graphite (3pk)

Brand: Derwent

Product Code: 5028252404211


Derwent Graphik Linemaker Graphite Pk3

Draw and write with the free-flowing, consistently smooth lines of a Derwent Line Maker. The colour dries quickly and is permanent when dry. Ideal for artwork and hand lettering in the studio or when on location.

  • Create beautiful opaque, solid lines with speed. Ink won’t dry or interrupt the flow across the page.
  • Permanent once dry, Derwent Line Makers contain water-based ink which dries very quickly after application.
  • Watersoluble media such as Derwent Inktense can be layered over the top without affecting the lines already on the page
  • Derwent Line Makers feature highly durable Japanese nibs
  • All colours are highly lightfast and will not fade for a long period of time

This 3 pack of Line Maker pens include 3 nib sizes (0.1/0.3/0.5) in Graphite in their own domed  wallet.