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Derwent - Inktense Individual Pencils

Brand: Derwent

Product Code: 5028252186919




These amazing pencils are highly versatile water-soluble pencils which create vivid ink-like colour when combined with water.  Highly pigmented dry colour transfroms into a pure translucent ink-like wash which is permanent once dry.  Due to this permanence, Inktense can be worked over without affecting previous layers of vivid colour.

Inktense pencils deliver vibrant and versatile colour. Perfect for a variety of projects, the watersoluble Inktense pencils can be applied wet or dry to a page to achieve different effects.

  • Pencil provides added control for fine detail. Round 8mm barrel; wide 4mm core.
  • Ink-like pigments come alive when water is added. Apply dry pencil to wet page or apply wet pencil to dry page.
  • Colour becomes permanent once dry leaving an ink-like stain. Inktense can be layered and keep colours vivid.
  • Inktense watersoluble, soft texture pencils are highly blendable
  • Ideal for use on a variety of surfaces including ceramic, wood and fabric as well as paper