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Derwent - Metallic Individual Pencils

Brand: Derwent

Product Code: 5028252598682




These highly metallic pencils blend beautifully to create vivid, striking metallic effects, particularly on dark paper.  The new-improved, non-soluble formula makes the colour shimmer and shine, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of fine art and craft projects.


  • Shimmering, highly metallic colour
  • New non-soluble, shimmering highly metallic pencils designed to create maximum effect
  • Artist quality, perfect for novices and experts
  • Smooth laydown, glides across paper with minimal dusting
  • Creates intense metallic effects particularly on black or dark paper
  • Ideal for both fine art and craft projects
  • Soft core that blends easily
  • High-quality pigments give rich colour application
  • Hexagonal barrel for optimum grip
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
  • Extended colour range of 20 colours, includes 8 new colours

"Metallic pencils allow you to easily create dynamic effects on black paper and shimmery subtle colours on white. Colours pop in this contemporary range with shades of gold and silver that you don’t find anywhere else. Metallic pencils work equally well with other pencil ranges, especially for highlights that shine and add extra dimension. A great addition for any artist!" Judith Selcuk, SAA Professional Artist