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Humbrol - Aging Powders Pack - Rust, Primer & Soot

Brand: Humbrol

Product Code: 5055286704529



Humbrol’s Aging Powders Pack is an ideal way to start out in weathering. Containing six shades, these powders can be used to enhance already weathered models as well as starting a new project. 

Weathering powders are a quick, simple and effective means of adding wear, rust and staining to models of all kinds in all scales. The Humbrol Aging Powders Pack (Cat No. AV0020) contains six 9ml powder tubs for light, medium and dark rust, black, smoke and iron oxide.

These shades can be used to create old and fresh rust effects on all types of model and structures including exhausts, chains, steel cables, suspension, locomotives, coaches, wagons, springs, tracks, road wheels, ship hulls, OVM tools, bridges and many more.

The pack can be used on its own or alongside Humbrol’s Weathering Powders Pack to create different weathering effects.