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Marabu - Yono Acrylic Paint Pen - Magenta

Brand: Marabu

Product Code: 4007751847003


Tip Type


These gorgeous pens are available in 28 shades, including 3 metallic and 4 neon colours. There are 3 different YONO marker tips available for your creative projects: the universal 1.5 - 3mm Bullet Nib (28 Colours), the 0.5 - 1.5mm Fine Nib for fine lines (14 colours) and the variable 0.5 - 5mm Chisel Nib (14 colours).

You can take the high-quality Japanese nib out of the shaft and clean them. If necessary, you can also replace the tip and continue to live out your creativity with the YONO.

When wet, you can use the YONO for watercolour painting. All shades apart from neon colours dry opaque and are permanent on absorbent surfaces. They can also be removed from non-absorbent surfaces.

The Marabu YONO is a brand top quality new water-based acrylic marker that works on almost any surface. Canvas or concrete. Glass or ceramic. Wood or plastic. Leather or fabric. The search for the right marker is finally over. Just go ahead and draw. Be creative. No matter what material – YOU ONLY NEED ONE.

On absorbent materials you leave a piece of art for eternity. On smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, your artwork can be wiped off with a damp cloth and room for new things is created. You decide what your creativity looks like, no matter what style.

YONO markers contain high quality inks that guarantee brilliant colour results. The ink is water-based and lightfast, with very little odour.


The YONO is suitable for light and also for dark surfaces.

Tips & Techniques:

Unleash your creativity with YONO. These tips are designed to help you make the most of your markers.

PAINT OVER: With YONO you can lay down your motif and re-paint over it without fear of the colours below showing through. Simply paint, dry and recover.

LIKE WATERCOLOUR: Soak the nib with paint and apply your paint to your chosen surface. Blur the colours with a wet brush to create watercolour-like gradients.

BLEND IT / MIX IT: Apply several colours side by side. Take a brush or sponge and blend the wet paints into one another, or draw the colours directly into one another to create nuances.

MAKE BLOBS: Soak the nib with paint. Blow hard against the tip or snap your finger at the marker. Add randomness and dynamism with splashes and blobs.


SHAKE IT: Before first use, shake the marker with the cap closed for 60 seconds. The mixing ball in the marker makes a clicking noise.

PUSH IT: Slowly press the tip several times on a test paper until the ink is visible. When the ink flow is activated, the nib will slowly soak itself full.

TEST IT: When the tip is filled with paint, test the marker on a piece of test paper.


DRAW IT: For even application of paint, pump regularly.

CLOSE IT: Before putting it away, close the marker tightly. Listen out for the distinct clicking sound.

STORE IT: Always store the marker horizontally to ensure even flow of colour.