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Mintay - Seaside Escape - Die-Cuts (50 pcs)

Brand: Mintay by Karola

Product Code: 5907443695297


Seaside Escape: This stunning range is a sea story about a walk on the beach, about views full of beautiful dunes and lighthouses. It is a collection full of unique details related to the sea, not necessarily related to summer and holidays, because it is worth going to the seaside at any time of the year and we bet that you also have a lot of photos of the seaside, taken not only during your holidays, right? This collection will pair well with the older Marina Range if you have it in your stash. We just can't wait to see what you will create with Seaside Escape!
Mintay have created their own Paper Die-cuts. Ready-made, precisely cut elements that can be arranged on many ways. It is a perfect solution for all those who have just a little time to create, do not like precise cutting. It is a product for all those who appreciate the possibility of obtaining a quick effect without excessive workload.
Mintay's cutouts are produced with the same offset printing technology as their other paper products and on their gorgeous 240gsm paper.  They are cut mostly flush to the edge, as precisely as sometimes a human hand cannot.  
In this 6x6 packaging you will find 50 one-sided printed elements (die-cuts).