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Pinkfresh Studio - Essentials 2 in 1 Jewel Picker/Craft Pick

Brand: Pinkfresh

Product Code: 736952878946



Pinkfresh's Dual Tip Embellishment Tool is made of brass that matches their other Studio Essentials products perfectly!

Each metal side is sturdy & high quality, and you can really feel that when you pick the tool up. It's not heavy, but it feels just right in your hand!

One side of the tool features a wax tip for picking up jewels, pearls & more, and attaching them to your projects. The wax tip is easy to replace.  The other side of the tool is a craft pick, allowing you to poke chads out from die-cut pieces, move embellishments into place with more precision & more! 

Contents included in the packaging are (1) brass embellishment tool, along with (2) additional wax tips.