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Stamperia - Create Happiness 2 - Embossing Ink Pad - Clear

Brand: Stamperia

Product Code: 5993110030003


Vicky Papaiannou is a Greek artist, through her popular Youtube channel she inspires the creation of journals and cards. Her sweet and fresh voice is guiding step by step to complete their work but also to Create Happiness through doing this. Happiness for oneself and for others too.

Embossing Ink Pad: High quality, slow dyring Embossing Ink. Acid Free.


1. Stamp your image using the embossing pad.
2. Sprinkle the embossing powder over the freshly applied ink.
3. Gently remove any excess powder that may have settled outside the desired area.
4. Apply heat using an embossing gun, allowing the powder to melt and create a raised,
glossy effect.